Your Body is a Temple.

  • Staying pure to “honor one’s future husband” especially for the ladies. Sexual Purity by God’s standard is for both genders, not for the wife to honor her husband alone.
  • Staying pure to prove to friends that are sexually active outside of marriage that you can stay celibate for long or are better than they are.
  • Staying pure so that God can “pity you” and give you a great spouse (this is a common thought amongst ladies).
  • Staying pure so that when topics about sexual immorality is preached in church, you can point noses and raise your shoulders.
  • Staying pure to avoid the risk of getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant.
  • Staying pure to make your parents proud (which can be a good thing but the motive is unsustainable).
  1. If you’re in a non-marriage relationship, set clear boundaries with your partner. Let your partner know right from the start of your decision to stay pure for God until marriage. If you’re constantly being pressured whether subtly or out rightly to have sex by your partner, then it’s time to depart from such a relationship (run away LOL).
  2. Iron sharpens iron — Have a company of believers/friends who understand and believe in sexual purity according to God’s standard, because sometimes it may feel like you’re the only one walking that path. This is not true, the enemy will try to lie to you to give it all up, which is why you need people of like minds to hold you up when you’re weak.
  3. Have an accountability partner preferably someone of the same sex.
  4. Be mindful of what you watch, read, and listen to. Sexual Purity begins first in the mind.
  5. Choose to trust God with your sexual life. A lot of single Christians are given to fornication because they have believed in a lie that there’s a need to “test” (having sex outside of marriage to ensure you and your partner are sexually compatible). God created sex, not man. Trust him to provide for you the most compatible partner (Prov 23:18).
  • God doesn’t hate you.
  • You’re not a “used rag”.
  • You’re not going to end up with a terrible spouse as “punishment” for your sexual promiscuity.
  • You’re not in any way less loved by God.
  • As a matter of fact, God loves you.



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Ella Elohor

Ella Elohor

Christian. Content Creator. Virtual Assistant.